Thanks to the experience gained in 21 years of Formula 1 and the collaboration started with the best professionals in the sector, Minardi Management is able to plan and manage, on behalf of the Pilot, the relationship with structures that offer a targeted service professional advice applied to psychophysical activity.

Training programs, simulation sessions and the processing of food programs they will be professionally developed and customized for each athlete after the most in-depth physical evaluation tests

Advising on the choice of a Training service on the basis of multidisciplinary knowledge comprising, among others, Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Training techniques and Nutrition. It includes:

  • Phisical Training
  • Mental Training
  • Postural Training
  • Personalized nutrition plans

This service will be evaluated separately. If the Driver has already chosen an organization he must provide appropriate information in order to assure Minardi Management the opportunity to assess his psycho-physical growth programs.