Defined program for Daniele Schillaci, who will be protagonist in the Italian ACI Karting Championship with the Lenzo Kart (Junior) material of Novalux Racing Team.

For the young promise of Ragusa (14 years old next May 26) it will be the debut in Junior, after some fruitful testing days.

Giovanni Minardi “I am very happy to have been able to define this program for Daniele, after a period of strong uncertainty. We hope it will be a new beginning and that he will have a chance to get on the track with regularity. For this I thank the whole team for the support they have given us so far.“

Daniele Schillaci “I am very happy to be able to contest the championship in OK-N J, which is a new adventure for me in the category and with LenzoKart. I thank Giovanni Minardi, Lenzo and all those who support me for this great opportunity.“

Michele Lenzo “Soon the Italian championship will start and our team will debut in the new OK-N category. Our team will see among our ranks Daniele Schillaci who after the excellent results in the Italian Cup race leaves us confident that we will be able to do well throughout the season.”