A change in the schedule of the “Formula X Italian Series” has allowed for an additional round of the “FX Pro Series” championship: the chosen venue is the Autodromo dell’Umbria in Magione
Mattia Bucci is ready to hit the track and battle it out in this weekend in the “FX Pro Series” category, a weekend that was originally scheduled without any events in the “Formula X Italian Series”. A decision by the organizers regarding the calendar has brought life to the dates from October 7th to 8th 2023, deleting the silence that would have surrounded the Autodromo dell’Umbria in Magione, the next stop in “The Flash’s” career.

After a great performance in the last round at Varano de’ Melegari, where he achieved a podium finish in Race 2, the goal set by the Abruzzese rookie is to continue what was shown at the circuit located in the province of Parma, further showcasing the results of a challenging yet formative growth journey.

Sandro Giuliani’s SG Motors and his staff will suppport once again the ace from Catignano with their Tatuus F4 T-014.

“I am very happy to be able to return to the Magione circuit for the new penultimate round of the ‘Formula X Italian Series'” Mattia declared. “In the past two weeks, after returning from Varano de’ Melegari, I have been working hard in the gym with my trainers to improve both my physical and mental strength in preparation for the end of the season. I am excited to be back battling on track with the other drivers, and my goal is to improve the results achieved previously. I want to thank my family and SG Motors for allowing me to get back on track, my manager Giovanni Minardi and the entire Minardi Management for their invaluable advice, my trainer Walter Marini and his staff for the work they have done in these days, and all my sponsors who support me day after day. I will push to the maximum to achieve the best possible result.”


A fourth and a third place were the results achieved by the Abruzzese representative in the two races of the Formula X Pro Series, part of the “Formula X Italian Series” championship
Mattia Bucci successfully completed the weekend at Varano de’ Melegari in the “Formula X Italian Series”, an event that saw him make his debut in single-seater racing for the first time in his career after some test programs he has done so far.
The weekend started on Saturday with the official free practice sessions, where Mattia managed to set the fastest time in the second of the two sessions, showing immediately a great feeling with the Tatuus F4 T-014 of SG Motors.

The Sunday program included the qualifying sessions in the morning, which ended with the fourth best time. In Race 1, due to a less than brilliant start compared to his much more experienced opponents, he founded himself involved in overtakes and duels that brought him back to fourth position, a placement that would be useful for taking advantage of the reverse grid format in Race 2 and starting third in the afternoon race.

The determination that has always distinguished the ace from Catignano allowed him to climb up again in the second of the two races, once again due to an unfortunate start. After crossing the finish line, Mattia was able to celebrate his first podium in single-seaters in parc fermé.

Here are Mattia Bucci’s statements: “I am very happy to have achieved this result. I have made immense sacrifices in preparation for this debut. This result is significant for my path as a driver, but I must not treat it as a destination, but as a beginning towards bigger goals. Standing on the podium was special, especially after seeing the emotion of my parents. I want to thank Giovanni Minardi and Minardi Management for the incredible work they do for me, my athletic trainer Walter Marini and his staff, all the sponsors who support me, and last but not least, my family.”


After a long preparation process, which saw Mattia Bucci involved in various testing sessions on the track, the ace from Catignano will finally make his racing debut
The event in which he will be the protagonist is the penultimate round of the “Formula X Italian Series,” in the “FX Pro Series” category, and it will take place at the Riccardo Paletti racetrack in Varano De’ Melegari, a circuit that is dear to Mattia due to his past experiences in testing sessions. The race weekend includes the following dates: September 23rd and 24th.
Mattia will compete with the Tatuus F4 T-014 from SG Motors, a structure that is friendly and loyal to the Catignano representative and that allowed the young driver to make the first step from karting to single-seaters.
Mattia Bucci commented on his impending debut like this: “Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for almost a year has arrived: my first race. I am very happy and excited to be on track next weekend for the penultimate event of the Formula X Italian Series. I will try to achieve the best possible result and, above all, gain valuable experience that will be crucial for the course of the season. I sincerely thank my whole family, especially my father who, together with my agents, will allow me to be on the track in Varano; the sponsors, and last but not least, Giovanni Minardi and Minardi Management, who are always very close to me. As I always say, I enjoy these challenges and I feel ready to fight on the track!”


Minardi Management is pleased to welcome to its agency the French-Swiss-Italian driver, François Dario Kerdal.
François comes from an excellent season in Mini, in the WSK and Italian Championships, where he collected several poles, victories and podiums, together with the team Team Driver.
At the end of the season he will switch the category entering in Okj and Okj-N, participating at the last races of the Italian Championship and the WSK Final Cup.

Giovanni Minardi: “I’m very excited to start working with François. He has shown that he is a very fast driver in Mini and I am sure that he will be able also very soon to demonstrate his extra class in the new category OKJ / OKJ-N.
As team choice for the second half of the year 2023 we selected CRG Factory Team, because we think that together with this excellent team François will have the best possibility to prepare himself for the season 2024, where he will face the entire season in OKJ try to collect best results as possible.”

François Dario Kerdal: “It is my pleasure to announce that, effective today, I will be collaborating with Minardi Management. The objective of this partnership, based on mutual trust, respect, and realistic expectations, is to create the conditions for a successful career as a professional driver. I fully rely on Minardi Management’s support to leverage my driver skills, develop strategic alliI just follow the filing of my son and you know when you will now him better you will understand what iam seeing.
Thank you very much for you help.
Have a good eveningances, gain a deep and accurate insight and find my own way into the motorsport world.”


We are pleased to announce that Alessandro Nanni is changing the team for this last part of the season. He will move from Alessandro Villa’s AV Racing team, to whom we send our special thanks for all the work done with Alessandro in the first part of the season 2023, to Salvatore Gatto’s Gamoto Team with whom he will participate in the last three events of the Rok Cup Italy at Cremona, the Rok Cup Trophy at Lonato and the Rok Cup Superfinal also at Lonato and the last race of the Italian Championship at Franciacorta.

Giovanni Minardi: “We decided to make the change at this time of the season because there was a need for a change for Alessandro. He needs a new push and I am convinced that Salvatore Gatto and his team could be the right combination to make him regain his enthusiasm.
I believe that the change will only be good for Alessandro and I am sure that as early as next weekend in Cremona for the last stage of the Rok Cup Italy we will be ready to fight for the victory.”

Alessandro Nanni: “I am very happy with this change, I really want to get on the EKS chassis and ride the TM engine again. I am absolutely confident of the new team, and we will work to have the best “package” Team, Driver, chassis and engine!! ….and above all, always with a smile!!”


Minardi Management is extremely pleased to welcome Kaïs Aziza. Since a long time Giovanni Minardi observed Kaïs on track and he was immediately impressed by his cleverness and talent.
The Swiss driver who comes from a first part of the season done in Mini in Babyrace Driver Academy, will compete instead in this second part of the year in the category Okj for Team Driver. Kaïs will finish the 2023 season, participating in several races between Okj-N and Okj to prepare as best as possible for the next season 2024.

Giovanni Minardi: “I’m very happy that we can proudly present Kaïs to be part of the Minardi Management family, right at the time of the category change from Mini to Okj. It’s a very important moment for his career and I am sure that I can be of great help to him. Although Kaïs’ few experience in this new category, he will quickly obtain very good results, because he doesn’t lack speed at all.”

Kaïs Aziza: “I’m so proud, for me Minardi is the legend of Motorsport.
The car is my passion it is what makes me live and it is an honor to join the Minardi Management family and to be next to Giovanni so that he can help me to rise with his great experience in the automotive world. Thank you.”


The go-kart does lap after lap at Uddevalla karting club, can reach speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour depending on the track. Behind the wheel sits 11-year-old Deven Grabko from Trollhättan.

– I can’t really explain it, but it just feels like I’m meant to do this.
He has been competing for just over three years and has just signed with Italian Minardi Management to be able to invest fully in his big dream. The hope is that the management company will get Deven into international competitions, something TTELA has written about before.

That Minardi even had an eye on Deven has a lot to do with his presence on social media, where the father-son duo goes by the name “GrabkoGP”. Look for it on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

– We got in touch with Minardi via Instagram at the beginning of the season and after a few races they asked me to send a driver presentation, so I sent one. So we kept in touch for a while and they thought it was interesting and wondered if we had any plans or interest in competing internationally, says father Dan Grabko while Deven drives out on the track.

– Absolutely, I said, and started checking them out a bit to see if it was real, and they had a really
impressive driver portfolio they represented, and so we felt “okay, we’ll sign and see what happens”
and that’s kind of where we are now.

Early Commitment
It’s fast on the track, but it’s also gone quickly this past year for Deven, who has already started to rack up podiums and top ten finishes in his first year as a driver in the Mini 60 class. The eleven-year-old is fully invested in his racing, there is no other sport for Deven Grabko.

– I can’t really explain it, but it just feels like I’m meant to do this.
During the first two years of racing, the pair were on their own, and were responsible for everything themselves, from chassis and motor adjustments on race day to data analysis and coaching. But now Deven drives for AD Motorsport, which has brought no few improvements, according to dad and former coach/mechanic Dan.

– “In my own opinion, it has been a disadvantage for Deven up until this season. When I got it right with the engine and setup, then everything went well, and he could show how good he was. But I don’t come from motorsport, and don’t have the knowledge, so that happened less than it should’ve. Now he has professional help basically all the time and just needs to focus on the driving and racing,” says a relieved dad, Dan, after trying and failing to fix the problem that stopped training during the day.

In the autumn, there are hopes that Deven will come out and run international competitions in Europe, perhaps especially in Italy. That is in large part thanks to the new agreement with Minardi Management.

The fact that the effort to get as far as possible has already started at the age of eleven is not something that makes Deven feel extra pressure.

– “I just drive and have fun, and drive to be fast. At a race it’s a bit different, though. When I’m sitting in the car waiting to drive I’m quite nervous and my stomach is a bit weird. But then when we pull out of the grid and get on track, I have laser focus, the second we drive away the nervousness disappears. But in training it’s just fun!

Do you feel any pressure to deliver and perform?

– “No, it is and will be fun. No pressure, eh?” Deven says, looking with a big smile at dad Dan, who laughs heartily at his son’s answer and agrees. No pressure.
– “Now he has eyes on him more than before. It’s really crazy, he’s eleven years old and already has to start thinking about all of this stuff. Start preparing and building now if he wants to go far,” says Dan.

Is it di cult as a parent to know whether to slow down or accelerate the investment?

– “Of course it is hard, there has to be a balance. It has to be fun as well. As a parent, you really want it to go well for the sake of your child, but you have no control over it and it’s so nervous for me because of that. One can only hope. Deven just lives in the moment, though, that’s what is so charming about him. When he’s out there, he doesn’t think about anything else but the next corner, the next car to pass. He loves it so much.

Originally published by: TTELA, Trollhättan, Sweden’s regional newspaper
Photos and Original Text: Hanna Bernhardsson
English Translation: The Grabko Group AB
Full text media blackout in force until Tuesday, August 8, at 17:00 local Swedish time.


Minardi Management is pleased to welcome Deven Lewis Grabko, a Swedish-American driver born in 2011, whose race program for the 2023 season includes several highly contested Swedish championships at the national level, such as the Kart Cup West Championship, IAME Series Sweden, Swedish Kart League, South Swedish Kart Champions Cup, the Swedish National Championship and the prestigious Kristianstad Karting Club Grande Finale.

Giovanni Minardi: “I’m really happy to have Deven join our ranks, he’s a very interesting prospect. In addition to being very fast, he shows much more maturity than his age would suggest. I am sure that we will create something very interesting together. Through the end of the season, we will continue to focus on the Swedish race program he and his family together with his team have already planned for him, before our partnership started. Our goal for 2024 will be a more international program.”

Deven Lewis Grabko: “I am extremely grateful to have been presented with the opportunity to work with Giovanni, Dorothea and the entire Minardi Management team and organization. They are a true motorsport family, with a long history and deep roots in the industry, and it shows in their passion and knowledge of the sport.

The list of drivers they’ve got on their books is really impressive, and it is a real privilege to have my name next to theirs.
Joining forces with Minardi Management has given me a real boost, and I am so happy to start this journey with them. My dad is always telling me to give 110% every time I get in that driver’s seat, and having Giovanni at my side will just give me more motivation to do exactly that. Really can’t wait to get started!
I’ve been working so hard to accelerate my development, having so much less experience than most of the guys I race against at my age, so it feels especially great that Giovanni has recognized my potential, shown an interest in helping me take my career to the next level, and will guide me through the steps I need to take so I can maximize my growth as a driver and a person, and realize my dreams.
I am super thankful for their trust and support at this early stage of my career and I am going to do everything I can to make sure their time and effort are rewarded in the future.”