Giovanni Minardi and Minardi Management are pleased to welcome Achille Rea, a young karting promise from Frosinone – class of 2013.

At six years old, in the 2019/20 season, he starts racing in the Entry Level category, winning the Lazio Regional Championship on debut, becoming the youngest ever winner. Having obtained the National licence, at the age of eight, he starts racing in the Italian Championship – Mini Gr3 category – as well as some WSK events.

Starting from this season Achille will be followed in his growth path by Giovanni Minardi, who will see him as a protagonist in the WSK circuit, where this weekend he will be involved in Cremona in the 2nd round of the WSK Open Series with CRG – U10 material, in the Italian ACI Championship and IAME X30 Mini.

Giovanni Minardi: “I am very happy to start working with Achille, I have been following him for months and I have been very impressed by the ease he possesses in learning the things he is told, he is very fast and has great potential. I am sure that with him we will have fun and achieve a lot of satisfaction.”

Achille Rea: “I am happy and proud to have joined Minardi Management and I hope to deserve this opportunity and with the help of Giovanni Minardi crown my dream: one day racing in the Formula 1 World Championship.”


Giovanni Minardi and Minardi Management are pleased to welcome Markas Šilkūnas, a young promise of Lithuanian karting – born in 2009 – from Kaunas.

Starting this season, Markas will be followed in his growth path by Giovanni Minardi, who will see him protagonist in fifteen seasonal appointments divided between the competition fields of the Champions of the future, FIA World Championship, FIA Academy FIA Europe, Lithuanian championship, Baltic CUP, DKM, Baltic Cup Latvi with «OKJ» material from Salvatore Gatto’s team. Despite his young age, Markas already boasts a respectable palmares thanks to the title of vice-champion in the Mini60 Lithuania (2019) and the victory in the Karting R85 Latvia, and the title conquered in 2021 in the Mini60.

Giovanni Minardi: «I am very pleased to welcome Markas to the agency. He is a boy with a great desire to grow up, as well as being about to switch to cars. Let’s start this new journey together with another year of karting. With his arrival, Minardi Management becomes more and more international. For the first time it welcomes a Lithuanian boy and this makes me very proud».

Markas Šilkūnas: «I am very happy to be able to start this journey with the support of Giovanni Minardi which I am sure will lead us to obtain important results»


Giovanni Minardi and Minardi Management are pleased to welcome Vladimir Ivannikov, a young promise in karting – born in 2010 – from Moscow.

Starting this season, Vladimir will be followed in his growth path by Giovanni Minardi, who will see him as a protagonist in the WSK circuit where he has already won 5th place in the Winter Cup, 2nd place in the Champions Cup and 3rd place in the first round of the Super Master Series in Lonato, in the ACI Italian Championship and Margutti Trophy with the «Mini» material of Salvatore Gatto’s Team, with the possibility of already making his debut in OKJ arriving to participate in the World Championship in Franciacorta.

Giovanni Minardi: «I am very pleased to welcome Vladimir to the agency. He is a rider who has already demonstrated his worth and I think he has everything it takes to become a professional. A lot of work awaits us, but the foundations are already solid and for this I thank all the Gamoto team»

Vladimir Ivannikov: «I’m very happy to announce that since now, I’ve started my partnership with Minardi Management. This is a big opportunity for me on my long way. We’re looking forward to see what the future brings. Everything is still ahead, I will do my best.»


For the second consecutive year James Egozi will wear the colors of the Tony Kart Racing Team in “OK” and on the most prestigious competition fields of the international karting panorama.

After the past season as a rookie, the young promise of American Motorsport, born in Miami in 2007, has the opportunity to put the important know-how acquired to good use, taking part in the FIA ​​European and World championship, the RGMCC championship and WSK Promotion for a total of twenty-six appointments.

Giovanni Minardi: “I am very happy that James has the opportunity to continue the collaboration with such an important group as OTK. After the season spent as a rookie, he will continue his growth path by putting the important work started last year to good use, with the aim of improving his results. Once again the program is top notch.

James Egozi: “I am proud of the confirmation received from the OTK group as official driver of the Tony Kart Racing Team 2023. Also this year I will have the opportunity to race in the WSK and FIA championships. Last year was an apprenticeship season where I learned a lot. Together with the team we have high expectations”


Giovanni Minardi and Minardi Management are pleased to welcome Alessandro Nanni, a young promise of Bolognese karting – born in 2013 – from Monte San Piero.

Starting from this season Alessandro will be followed in his growth path by Giovanni Minardi, who will see him protagonist in the Italian ROK Championship and in the most prestigious trophies with the Parolin material of the AV Racing Team. After two seasons in Easy Kart, taking 1st place in the “Birel Easykart DAI Trophy” and 3rd in the “Birel Easykart 60 – Winter stage” in 2022, he is called to jump into Mini Rok for the new season.

Giovanni Minardi: “I am happy that Alessandro has chosen my agency to continue his growth path and I am ready to support him in every step he takes. Alessandro is a boy with a great desire to learn, but already very fast. Many years of work await us given our very young age, and there is every possibility to do well.

The first official engagement is scheduled for February 25-26 on the Lonato track on the occasion of the Rok Cup Winter Trophy, to continue with the eight appointments on the calendar of the Rok Cup Italia which will start on March 20 in Lonato and the Superfinal in October. The South Garda Karting track was the scene of Alessandro’s baptism with the new material of the team directed by Alessandro Villa on the occasion of the fruitful day of testing.

Giovanni Minardi: “I was positively surprised and happy with the work done by Alessandro on this first day of testing. At his first experience with the new material – Mini Nazionale – and after a month away from the circuits, he made no mistakes riding very well, constantly lowering his chronometric results despite a very slippery track dictated by the weather conditions. He approached this day of testing in a very positive way, listening to the team’s advice and immediately putting it into practice. There is still a lot of work to do, but the starting point is solid. This year our flagship program will be the Rok Italia and the Superfinal, to which we will try to add new stages to accumulate kilometers and experience”

Alessandro Nanni: “It was a fun day in which I learned a lot. At the beginning I struggled a bit because of the much stiffer frame than I was used to, but session after session I got used to it and I was able to lower my lap times by covering so many laps. I look forward to getting back on track.”


Giovanni Minardi is pleased to welcome James Egozi. The young promise of American Motorsport, born in 2007 in Miami, starting from this season will be followed by the Faenza Manager who will make available his experience accumulated in over 30 years of career, which began in 1996 in the ranks of the Minardi F1 Team.
Archived a 2021 in continuous and constant growth that ended with the conquest of the WSK Open Cup Title in OKJ, for James a new international karting season opens in the selective OK category at the wheel of the new Tony Kart Racer 401 RR powered by Vortex, engine division of the OTK Kart Group. Parallel to the karting activity, James will begin to look at the world of formulas, with a few days of testing at the wheel of Formula 4.

Giovanni Minardi “I am very happy to start working closely with James as I consider him one of the best talents in karting. It has been a long job, but I am proud to have reached this agreement and to be able to start this collaboration. He lacks nothing to emerge. He has the speed, human skills and the determination to achieve important results in the international motorsport scene. This year, in addition to the karting program, we will also start working on the single-seater front with several days on the track at the wheel of Formula 4 accompanied by simulator sessions.

James Egozi “I am thrilled to be working alongside a world-renowned name like Minardi. In the short time we spent together, we built a great relationship. This year I will continue to drive for the Tony Kart Racing Team with a complete program that includes the WSK, RGMMC and FIA events in the OK category. I will also start preparing for the F4 tests with day sessions at the Wave Italy Simulator Training Center. After winning the title of the WSK Open Cup 2021 and a great experience in the FIA World Championship in OKJ, this year’s goal is to continue to improve my palmares with an eye to the future, aimed at the world of single-seaters. With the help and support of Giovanni Minardi I will be able to build the foundations to achieve all of my goals.”


Giovanni Minardi is happy to welcome Valentino Mini. The promising young driver of Panama’s Motorsport. Starting this year, the promising young driver born in Caracas in 2006, the son of an Italian father and Argentine mother, will be followed by the manager from Faenza who will make available his experience accumulated in more than 30 years of career that began in 1996 in the ranks of the Minardi F1 Team founded by his father Gian Carlo Minardi, in the role of Manager of Logistics for tests of the team from Faenza reaching the position of Team Manager.

With 340 Formula 1 grands prix to its credit the Minardi F1 Team worked constantly alongside young champions taking to their debuts, amongst others, the 2005 and 2005 World Champion Fernando Alonso, the Italians Pierluigi Martini, Giancarlo Fisichella, Jarno Trulli. Alessandro Nannini, the Argentine Esteban Tuero, the Australian Mark Webber, as well as many engineers. Working with young drivers has always been part of the Minardi family’s DNA and with Valentino Mini Giovanni continues this important tradition by giving the start to an ambitious path that has as its objective reaching Formula 1. Lavorare coi giovani ha sempre fatto parte del DNA della famiglia Minardi e, con Valentino Mini, Giovanni prosegue questa importante tradizione dando inizio ad un ambizioso percorso che ha come obiettivo l’arrivo in Formula 1.

After several seasons in the world of karting with more than 120 trophies under his belt, including the titles of the Pan-American and National Champions, in 2020 Valentino took his first steps in Formula 4 and in 2021 he took an important third place on Mexico City’s “Hermanos Rodríguez” circuit on the occasion of the F1 weekend, at the invitation of FIA’s President in Panama, as well as taking pole position and setting a new record on the Cordoba track and second place in the final of the Formula 4 FIA Argentina last December.

Giovanni Minardi “I am very pleased to be able to start this collaboration with Valentino who has already shown his qualities at speed in both karting and his first races in single seater racing cars. We are working hard on the 2022 programme which has as its objective full time employment in Formula 4. We are looking at the championships both in Europe, including Spain and France, and overseas, and also to organize some test days in Italy to make contact with the main tracks”

Valentino Mini “I am very excited to be able to count on the support and backing of Giovanni and Minardi Management knowing that they represent a Team and a brand with an important past in F1. Until now I was alone with my dad. Now I see my childhood dream of Formula 1 coming closer”

Valentino Mini joins Karol Basz, the reigning World Lamborghini Super Trofeo Champion, Giacomo Pedrini, Mattia Bucci, Nicholas Pajutti and Thomas Baldassari trying to follow in the steps of fifteen year old Kimi Antonelli who is already in the orbit of Mercedes AMG thanks to the work carried out with Giovanni Minardi in order to bring the nation of Panama to the peak of Motorsport.del Motorsport.


Giovanni Minardi and Alberto Tonti are happy to announce that Nicholas Pujatti, has become part of the Minardi Management family together with kart drivers Andrea Kimi Antonelli and Thomas Baldassari, as well as drivers Karol Basz and Antonio D’Amico. The agreement was reached with the driver of the Gatto family’s satellite team, CRG Gamoto, at the Sarno track during the recovery of the round of the WSK Super Master Series (which had been cancelled due to snow). He was the author of an important recovery in the Final when he managed to climb up ten positions in just eight laps, finishing the weekend with twelfth position in 60 Mini.

“We are very happy to gather Nicholas into the ranks of Minardi Management which could watch him up close from the beginning of the season. With today’s result he confirmed for us his value technically and we are anxious to begin working together full time during the next round to be held here at Sarno once more,” ” commented Giovanni Minardi and Alberto Tonti.

“It was a positive weekend in which I enjoyed myself a lot by overtaking a few others. It was a good way to begin working together with Giovanni Minardi and Alberto Tonti. I am sure that together with them I will be able learn a lot and am eager to race once again here at Sarno next week before the beginning of the Italian Championship,” ” was the comment of Nicholas Pujatti. Next week Naples’ International Circuit will host the fourth and final appointment of the WSK Super Master Series.


Minardi Management is happy to welcome 24 year old Antonio D’Amico into the Minardi family.
The driver from Fiano Romano began his sporting activities in 1998 when he debuted in the ACI CSAI kart championships and moved on to the covered wheels in 2014 at the wheel of Seat Ibiza winning the Mugello 4 hour event and coming in second place in the Junior category Championship. The following year he made his international debut in the TCR International series race at Monza, as well as his commitments in the Seat Leon Cup.

In 2016 he was one of the major protagonists of the Italian Super GT Championship at the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo of the Raton Racing Team, finishing the year in third place overall.

“I can only be happy to become part of the Minardi Management family and together I will be able to continue growing as a driver and as a person. In the next few days we will announce the new sporting programme and I am eager to get back to racing once more to achieve new objectives,” commented Antonio

“I am very pleased to welcome Antonio into the Minardi Management family, in these years he has shown his true worth with victories and important placings. Last year he was regularly amongst the protagonists of the Italian GT Championship and closed the season in third spot. Over the next few days the new sporting calendar will be released and I am sure that we will be able to achieve important results together,” said manager Giovanni Minardi


The Minardi Management is pleased to welcome the young driver from Bologna, Andrea Kimi Antonelli, born in 2006, that officially becomes part of the great Minardi family. In spite of his young age, Andrea Kimi can rely on a considerable kart experience and a remarkable prize list enhanced this year’s with the Lonato podium in the 45th edition of the Factory Trophy, one of the most important international events where he has also been one of the best among the Italian drivers at the starting. From this season, Andrea Kimi Antonelli will wear the official colors of the Tony Kart and will engage in the WSK 60 Mini categories of the Italian ACI Championship, and in the most significant international trophies with the brand new Neos chassis, flagship of the Tony Kart in the category. Along with the many-times-awarded Factory that has been able to launch names the likes of Sebastian Vettel, Jan Magnussen, Lucas Di Grassi, Fabrizio Giovanardi and Jarno Trulli, Kimi Andrea Antonelli is ready to climb one by one all the steps of the international motorsport pyramid.

“In 2014, I saw Andrea Antonelli Kim in action for the first time during the Federal courses and I became enthusiastic. The results of these two years are the proof of the technical merit of this 10 year old boy, and as Minardi Management we are proud to cooperate with him “ explain Giovanni Minardi, founder of the management company based in Faenza and his associate Alberto Tonti.

“It is an honor to race with the color of the Tony Kart and under the supervision of the Minardi Management. This is an opportunity that comes only once in life, and I will do my best thanks to the experience acquired last season. Today (Wednesday) and Thursday, I will use the Neos chassis again on the Lonato track for the first event of the season in Adria on January 29 that is valid for the WSK Champions Cup ” an enthusiastic Andrea Kimi Antonelli says. “

It starts a partnership with a family that I respect very much. This year Andrea Kimi will experience a demanding season. He will live the first chapter of it at the end of the month, at the circuit of Andria, after Lonato’s tests. Knowing the environment of motor sports well, I will try to not commit the same mistakes made by many parents, leaving Andrea free to walk with his legs without being present in too many races ” says Marco Antonelli, founder of the Antonelli MotorSport.