Minardi Management is extremely pleased to welcome Kaïs Aziza. Since a long time Giovanni Minardi observed Kaïs on track and he was immediately impressed by his cleverness and talent.
The Swiss driver who comes from a first part of the season done in Mini in Babyrace Driver Academy, will compete instead in this second part of the year in the category Okj for Team Driver. Kaïs will finish the 2023 season, participating in several races between Okj-N and Okj to prepare as best as possible for the next season 2024.

Giovanni Minardi: “I’m very happy that we can proudly present Kaïs to be part of the Minardi Management family, right at the time of the category change from Mini to Okj. It’s a very important moment for his career and I am sure that I can be of great help to him. Although Kaïs’ few experience in this new category, he will quickly obtain very good results, because he doesn’t lack speed at all.”

Kaïs Aziza: “I’m so proud, for me Minardi is the legend of Motorsport.
The car is my passion it is what makes me live and it is an honor to join the Minardi Management family and to be next to Giovanni so that he can help me to rise with his great experience in the automotive world. Thank you.”