We are pleased to announce that Alessandro Nanni is changing the team for this last part of the season. He will move from Alessandro Villa’s AV Racing team, to whom we send our special thanks for all the work done with Alessandro in the first part of the season 2023, to Salvatore Gatto’s Gamoto Team with whom he will participate in the last three events of the Rok Cup Italy at Cremona, the Rok Cup Trophy at Lonato and the Rok Cup Superfinal also at Lonato and the last race of the Italian Championship at Franciacorta.

Giovanni Minardi: “We decided to make the change at this time of the season because there was a need for a change for Alessandro. He needs a new push and I am convinced that Salvatore Gatto and his team could be the right combination to make him regain his enthusiasm.
I believe that the change will only be good for Alessandro and I am sure that as early as next weekend in Cremona for the last stage of the Rok Cup Italy we will be ready to fight for the victory.”

Alessandro Nanni: “I am very happy with this change, I really want to get on the EKS chassis and ride the TM engine again. I am absolutely confident of the new team, and we will work to have the best “package” Team, Driver, chassis and engine!! ….and above all, always with a smile!!”