Minardi Management is pleased to welcome to its agency the French-Swiss-Italian driver, François Dario Kerdal.
François comes from an excellent season in Mini, in the WSK and Italian Championships, where he collected several poles, victories and podiums, together with the team Team Driver.
At the end of the season he will switch the category entering in Okj and Okj-N, participating at the last races of the Italian Championship and the WSK Final Cup.

Giovanni Minardi: “I’m very excited to start working with François. He has shown that he is a very fast driver in Mini and I am sure that he will be able also very soon to demonstrate his extra class in the new category OKJ / OKJ-N.
As team choice for the second half of the year 2023 we selected CRG Factory Team, because we think that together with this excellent team François will have the best possibility to prepare himself for the season 2024, where he will face the entire season in OKJ try to collect best results as possible.”

François Dario Kerdal: “It is my pleasure to announce that, effective today, I will be collaborating with Minardi Management. The objective of this partnership, based on mutual trust, respect, and realistic expectations, is to create the conditions for a successful career as a professional driver. I fully rely on Minardi Management’s support to leverage my driver skills, develop strategic alliI just follow the filing of my son and you know when you will now him better you will understand what iam seeing.
Thank you very much for you help.
Have a good eveningances, gain a deep and accurate insight and find my own way into the motorsport world.”