Giovanni Minardi and Minardi Management are pleased to welcome Alessandro Nanni, a young promise of Bolognese karting – born in 2013 – from Monte San Piero.

Starting from this season Alessandro will be followed in his growth path by Giovanni Minardi, who will see him protagonist in the Italian ROK Championship and in the most prestigious trophies with the Parolin material of the AV Racing Team. After two seasons in Easy Kart, taking 1st place in the “Birel Easykart DAI Trophy” and 3rd in the “Birel Easykart 60 – Winter stage” in 2022, he is called to jump into Mini Rok for the new season.

Giovanni Minardi: “I am happy that Alessandro has chosen my agency to continue his growth path and I am ready to support him in every step he takes. Alessandro is a boy with a great desire to learn, but already very fast. Many years of work await us given our very young age, and there is every possibility to do well.

The first official engagement is scheduled for February 25-26 on the Lonato track on the occasion of the Rok Cup Winter Trophy, to continue with the eight appointments on the calendar of the Rok Cup Italia which will start on March 20 in Lonato and the Superfinal in October. The South Garda Karting track was the scene of Alessandro’s baptism with the new material of the team directed by Alessandro Villa on the occasion of the fruitful day of testing.

Giovanni Minardi: “I was positively surprised and happy with the work done by Alessandro on this first day of testing. At his first experience with the new material – Mini Nazionale – and after a month away from the circuits, he made no mistakes riding very well, constantly lowering his chronometric results despite a very slippery track dictated by the weather conditions. He approached this day of testing in a very positive way, listening to the team’s advice and immediately putting it into practice. There is still a lot of work to do, but the starting point is solid. This year our flagship program will be the Rok Italia and the Superfinal, to which we will try to add new stages to accumulate kilometers and experience”

Alessandro Nanni: “It was a fun day in which I learned a lot. At the beginning I struggled a bit because of the much stiffer frame than I was used to, but session after session I got used to it and I was able to lower my lap times by covering so many laps. I look forward to getting back on track.”